TRANSFORM your heartbreak into a new love story

The love story of you being you.

It shouldn't take you years to feel lovable, worthy and healed - with these bulletproof methods you can get there within minutes!

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OPen your heart despite past betrayals

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Discover how to let love in again.

Gain unshakeable self-esteem without getting a new lover, changing the number on the scales, or breaking the bank,

Learn why breakups are natural, and - why they tend to break the heart more open to your benefit

Get the courage to take your power back

Resolve long-standing childhood wounds

Work with your menstrual cycle rather than against it, and banish PMS

Discover 20 + priceless heart-healing tools you'll never lose and can use over and over again

Strenghten your boundaries and start attracting like-minded people

Resensitize your body, and love yourself to health through pleasure in your mouth and other senses

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who was constantly searching for the next best self-help book, 'fix yourself' workshop, a guru to put up on a pedestal, or a new lover to fulfill her. She knew she was looking outside of herself to find what she was supposed to look for inside of herself. She thought that there was something seriously wrong with her and no matter what next trick she'd pull, she wouldn't change. She perpetuated the vicious cycle by an unhealthy lifestyle full of yo-yo dieting, drinking late into the night, and eating garbage to fill the unfillable void within.

Yes, this was me 10 years ago...

Unconsciously, I was punishing myself for things that weren't even my fault. I held on to too much trauma. I was afraid to go deep in order to heal, only scratching the surface of what I was capable of. Talk therapy made me feel worse. I could not even speak my heart after all! My throat felt constantly constricted, my self-expression suppressed. Additionally, every new season would bring me down with colds or flu, and I'd still be losing sleep over minor irritabilities.

My romantic life was nonexistent. I sacrificed everything for work that I didn't even like. I had plenty of sexual escapades but none of that superficial stuff made me happy. I longed to experience true intimacy. But I was too busy running away from it, hiding my true self and doubting pretty much everything.

Does this story sound familiar to you?

I didn't know that there were 'non-invasive' methods I could use to self-mend. That there were things at a plain sight that were my saviors. That I could use natural means of medicine like rest and freestyle movement, and above all, that I was my own best therapist!

Something shifted about 5 years ago (early 2016), it fittingly, coincided with my most painful heartbreak.

I got my breakthrough and rewrote the script once and for all.

That shy, lost, unhealthy, self-conscious girl grew up into a woman who finally threw away all the bullshit she invented to keep herself small, she discarded the impenetrable shield across her heart and bravely stepped out of the shadows. She couldn't let love in and couldn't give it either for years. Then she committed to never live in fear again. This woman now has bulletproof tools she uses to feel great mentally, physically, and spiritually every day.

It is my absolute pleasure to be able to share them with you in my new e-book: You can heal your heart. It is short and straight to the point.

You are so close to dusting off the real you hiding within, free from self-punishment, self-deprecation, and negative view of the world and relationships. Your heart will be wide open, joyful, and safe. Your life will change upon reading and implementing this book!

With your You Can Heal Your Heart guidebook, you'll get results in 3 main areas:

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Our beliefs, whether adopted from primary caregivers or created by traumatic events, play a massive part in our functioning in this world. Uncover your limiting beliefs and replace them. We'll focus on embracing self-love, forgiveness, and gratitude.

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Learn 20+ incredible self-care practices that women can do on daily basis to feel amazing plus look great as a side effect! Your body, mind, and spirit yearn for sustainable methods of healing and rejuvenation. All the tried and tested ideas are in this manual. Your wellbeing is bound to heighten if you implement them!

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Struggleing to fit in? Struggle no more. Embrace your quirks and attract like-minded people to support you on your journey. If you follow your heart's desire, you open yourself to abundance. Receiving what you need is your birthright. Learning to trust and manifesting more of what makes your heart sing will become easy with this book.

Are you blocking your success in love?

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Love, respect, and trusting in your worthiness start with you.

Ask yourself: Could I use more self-esteem?

Self esteem is integrity, keeping your word, being proud of your delivering on your bold statements. Confidence is knowing that you matter, you are worthy, lovable and a gift to this world. All babies have it naturally!

If you lost your inner light, do not despair.

This E-book will:

Help you find your inner beauty, hold yourself in high regard.

Help you heal on a deeper level without paying for expensive therapy sessions.

Help you deal with any setbacks anytime, you'll never feel your heart shattered for too long!


My guarantee to you is that these habits, when implemented, will make a difference in your life. I know when you take action, you’ll get results.

These are the same principles I have followed day in and day out for the last 10 years that have enabled me to contribute to my community, and to the world on a larger scale than if I was still licking my wounds.

The suggested methods for healing your heart will make you feel better. Keep that momentum daily!


Product is instantly downloadable


Pavlina F. is an advocate of natural holistic nutrition, free-thinking, and empowered sexuality.

She is an expert on human wellbeing, educating about self-care, raising self-esteem, Tantric healing, spiritual awakening, and living authentically and courageously.

Pavlina followed her own path of self-discovery on which she healed herself from depression and anxiety disorders. Applying meditation, journaling, and dance, among other techniques, she bounced back stronger than ever. Her wisdom and empathy make her a potent transformational mentor for women and men alike.

Pavlina inspires and motivates people on their own journeys to holistic wellbeing. She believes that once we connect to our higher selves, we start seeing opportunities for joyous connections, loving relationships, career expansion, and sustainable abundance everywhere around us.

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