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Are you going through some big changes and could use a bit of help? Getting yourself back on track will be easier with these 9 tricks that you can start implementing today!

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Ride out the 'in between' period of your life with ease

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Discover how to manage your wellbeing when life gets difficult.

Learn why life's transitions are necessary for your personal growth

Get the courage to leave where you don't belong

Face your fears and speak your truth

Restore faith in the Divine

Get your health back on track without exercising like crazy or eating only salads.

Discover what 2 common mindless actions might be hindering your progress

Re-set and brace the world with resilience in your new life

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(excerpt from Prologue)

I am presenting the most useful tips that have helped me heal throughout the past 10 years and get through numerous transitioning periods. After having gone through depression, heartbreaks, anxiety, PTSD, minor health conditions, and difficult life transitions, I compressed the most effective strategies for holistic wellbeing into 9 essential steps that will help you thrive.

It is my wish that if you want to become happier, healthier, and freer now, this book will serve you as your immediate guide and mentor.

Maybe you don’t want to live on the edge, cannot live the lifestyle of a nomadic jet-setter, maybe you seek stability, can’t leave your family obligations behind, or you're already quite abundant, living the dream but still feeling a little shit about yourself. Suppose you struggle with self-love, addictive behavior, barely manageable anxiety, and emotional rollercoasters. In that case, there may be some unresolved wounds, you follow someone else’s rules or live to please others before you please you. An actress from the Czech Republic once said, “The best gift I can give to my children is a happy mother.”

I add, whatever it takes.

Please you first! The rest will follow.

Despite the fact that one size doesn’t fit all, there are certain hacks that only the free, happy, healthy, and successful use in their lives. Their lives are not necessarily completely stress free, but there is a great sense of freedom, contentment and wellbeing. Anyone can adopt and model these nine tricks I discovered.

The principles in this book are unbiased, holistic, and simple. The following tips apply to anyone: women, men, transgender, and youths who are perhaps not yet working yet see the need to jump into adulthood head-on but want to avoid all the common mistakes of teens straight out of college.

Transitioning - Your Wellbeing Guide in Times of Change is exactly what you need to get from point A, where you don't like it, to point B, where you want to be, with a sane mind and good health!

With your Transitioning guidebook, you'll get results in 3 main areas:

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Mental Health

No more drowning.

You'll discover how to pull yourself back up. You'll learn all the tricks to keep yourself above water. Uncover your limiting beliefs and start replacing them with beliefs aligning with your newfound self-worth, self-love and gratitude.

Re-discover faith.

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Physical Wellbeing

Wellbeing is not about running on treadmill every day or eating salad.

Physical health is self-care that feels good. Your vitality is bound to heighten when you adopt a holistic lifestyle that works with your biorhythm rather than against it. When your body and mind are happy, your spirit is happy, and only then can you make courageous actions.

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Living your Purpose

Get ready for a new life.

Who did you want to be when you were growing up?

You can still become it!

There's never too late to start answering the call. Life is too short to spend it in places that make you miserable and suppress your self-expression. Learning to trust and manifest more of what makes your heart sing will become easy with this book.

Is your sense of worth undermined?

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Life's transitions make us feel bad about ourselves by default.

There might be a sense of loss, despair, physical weakness and a lot of loneliness.

Love, respect, and trusting in your worthiness start with you.

Ask yourself: Do I value myself?

You deserve to live a great life!

If you lost your inner drive to succeed, do not despair.

This e-book will:

Transform how you view stress and anxiety.

Help you heal on a deeper level without paying for expensive therapy sessions.

Make you ready for the next, much better, phase in your life.


My guarantee to you is that these 9 steps, when implemented, will make a difference in your life. I know when you take action, you’ll get results.

These are the same principles I have followed day in and day out for the last 10 years that have enabled me to contribute to my community, and to the world on a larger scale than if I was still deep in self-pitty and overwhelmed by life's surprises.

The suggested methods for becoming happier, healthier, and freer will make you feel better and kickstart your success. Keep that momentum daily!


Product is instantly downloadable


Pavlina is an advocate of natural holistic nutrition, free-thinking, and empowered sexuality.

She is an expert on human wellbeing, educating about self-care, raising self-esteem, Tantric healing, spiritual awakening, and living authentically and courageously.

Pavlina followed her own path of self-discovery on which she healed herself from depression and anxiety disorders. Applying meditation, journaling, and dance, among other techniques, she bounced back stronger than ever. Her wisdom and empathy make her a potent transformational mentor for women and men alike.

Pavlina inspires and motivates people on their own journeys to holistic wellbeing. She believes that once we connect to our higher selves, we start seeing opportunities for joyous connections, loving relationships, career expansion, and sustainable abundance everywhere around us.

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