The only book about sexuality you'll ever need

Discover how applying Tantric principles and self-love changes everything we thought knew about sex, love, and relationships.

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Utilize your sexual energy for healing of your body and mind

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The ancient art of Tantra can enhance NOT ONLY your sex-life.

You will:

Find what you can do to stop blocking yourself from receiving love

Learn self-love, let go of fears of intimacy, and embrace pleasure

Begin a wonderful relationship with your body

Discover seduction for your own joy, even if you remain celibate

Want to surrender, stop numbing and start trusting

Resensitize the body with authentic Tantric massage step by step

Start attracting open-hearted lovers for safe Tantric relationships

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(chapter exerpt)

I started flirting with Tantra probably for all the wrong reasons, at least from the very beginning. But perhaps just like you, I too was curious.

Maybe you've had more than enough of the average hookups in your life, and so you are seeking something deeper...

Maybe you haven’t had much sex in your life at all, and you wish to experiment and wonder how to attract like-minded tantric enthusiasts into your life to test the waters with…

Maybe you've experienced sexual trauma that you'd like to heal...

Maybe you're simply curious about the capabilities of your body regarding arousal and, of course, orgasms…

All can be achieved if you understand yourself better, love yourself more, consciously choose wellbeing over self-sabotage, and Tantric teachings can greatly assist with that.

It took me a long time to dive deep into conscious sexuality and Tantric philosophy.

Not only was I unready to experience Tantric massage on my own body, but I couldn't quite imagine 'giving' Tantra - connecting with others on such a profound, intimate level. Now, don't get me wrong: I could still spread my legs on occasion and have absolutely superficial, meaningless sex. But to open myself truly, even having a same-sex practitioner touch the most sacred parts of my body and hold a ‘safe space’ for my spiritual bliss… that scared the crap out of me.

You can just imagine the fears, false beliefs, and intimacy issues that I was carrying on my back. I had to get through a lot of self-imposed limitations. But the slow and steady liberation was worth it.

For the shyer of us, Tantra is not at all just about sex. It's a way of life. The body is a temple, and we shall honor it as a home for our pure heart and spirit.

I would not accept myself as a highly sexual being. I felt unworthy of attention and unconditional love. I carried blocked chakras from the waist down and around my throat - the seat of self-expression (more about chakras later). I didn't love myself enough to explore my needs.

Perhaps you feel the same?

If you don't exactly love yourself, maybe you struggle with misplaced anger, low moods, difficulty to forgive, and on top of that, you wish you could raise your self-esteem, eliminate shame and guilt, live in the present moment more often, learn tricks on how to have an amazing sex life, enhance your connection with other people, this book is going to help you achieve that.

It contains suggestions on how to master your mind, find enjoyment in your body, make life more ‘orgasmic’ and release shame, guilt, regret, and resentment when it comes to human relationships and connections.

If you've ever felt as though your sexuality holds you back - whether too much or too little of it, then this book will help you reach balance and lasting satisfaction.

With your Tantra and Self-Love - the Paths to Sexual Healing e-book, you'll get results in 3 main areas:

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Confidence and Self-Worth


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Joy in Sensuality


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Satisfying Sex Life


Is your lack of self love preventing you from creating deeper connections?

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Are you running away from deeper intimacy, avoiding emotional discussions or preffering bad boys to good men? Are you letting yourself be seen at all?

Love, respect, and trusting in your worthiness start with you.

Ask yourself: Do I love myself?

You can separate your emotionality from your sexuality - but never your heart.

You deserve to love yourself and live a great life!

If you lost your self-compassion, and the drive to succeed in relationships, do not despair.

This e-book will:

Transform how you view sexuality forever.

Help you heal on a deeper level without paying for expensive therapy sessions.

Make you ready for the juiciest most orgasmic relationship in your life - whether it's with yourself or with your lover!


My guarantee to you is that my methods, when implemented, will make a difference in your life. I know that when you take action, you’ll get results.

These are the same principles I have followed day in and day out for the last 5 years that have enabled me to live a healthy sensual life. Being connected to my body helped me heal minor physical ailments and brought a deeper sense of spiritual connection.

The suggested techniques work for heightening self-love and facilitating your own sexual healing. Don't give up on yourself and keep that momentum daily!


Product is instantly downloadable


Pavlina is an advocate of natural holistic nutrition, free-thinking, and empowered sexuality.

She is an expert on human wellbeing, educating about self-care, raising self-esteem, Tantric healing, spiritual awakening, and living authentically and courageously.

Pavlina followed her own path of self-discovery on which she healed herself from depression and anxiety disorders. Applying meditation, journaling, and dance, among other techniques, she bounced back stronger than ever. Her wisdom and empathy make her a potent transformational mentor for women and men alike.

Pavlina inspires and motivates people on their own journeys to holistic wellbeing. She believes that once we connect to our higher selves, we start seeing opportunities for joyous connections, loving relationships, career expansion, and sustainable abundance everywhere around us.

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